Feliz en Vista

A project like no other, Feliz en Vista is a development that combines the uniqueness of four different designs, and four different target customers into one exclusive project that pushes the boundaries of real estate in Vietnam.


Feliz en Vista's concept speaks of the multi-faceted lifestyle that is offered towards its residents, where city folks can find respite without leaving the comforts of the concrete jungle. The aim to weave various aspects of different lifestyles together is one that will allow residents to interlace leisure, professionalism and relaxation, all in one place.

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Star Facility

At Feliz en Vista, we have designed more than 100 facilities and design features to bring you more than just a typical residential project. "Star Facilities" are highlighted facilities that have been uniquely and exceptionally designed to bring you the ultimate living experience unlike in any other residential project.

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Unit Layout

True to its positioning, the concept of this development is an abstract notion of “The City Fabric” – a metaphorical city composed like a form of textile art, with interlacing threads of modernity and nature.

Surrounded by

The main river located to the Southwest sector of Feliz en Vista indicates, from a classical Feng Shui perspective, the abundance of financial and wealth opportunities for the future occupants of Feliz en Vista.

Signature Tower
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Premium Tower
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Classic Tower
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